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Lynette Sawatsky began her musical training at the age of four and completed her performer’s A.R.C.T. in piano while in high school.  She holds a Bachelor of Education (elementary) from the University of Saskatchewan. 

Lynette teaches both group and private lessons and has worked as a music specialist in the public school system. She conducts student and teacher workshops across Canada and has adjudicated at music festivals in B.C., Alberta, and Saskatchewan. Lynette currently directs a group of enthusiastic youngsters from core neighbourhoods during a weekly lunch hour choir program in her community.  She believes that music is a gift that brings joy and enriches lives.

The world is filled with beauty, and Lynette attempts to recreate this beauty in her compositions. Her goal is to create music that students will love, and she hopes that they, in turn, will bring the scores to life and communicate something special to those who hear them. Music making brings joy!


The world is also filled with heartache and sadness. Our students experience this in many ways, too, and it is Lynette’s wish that her music can also be used to process feelings and emotions in a way that provides healing and comfort to those who play her pieces and to those who listen.

Lynette often writes lyrics for her pieces to engage young learners in the musical narrative and to assist with rhythms. Her elementary books include captivating ready-to-colour illustrations by Deborah Alexander and Thérèse Cilia that spark student imaginations.


Lynette’s piano compositions have been selected as festival test pieces in Ontario, New Brunswick, and Saskatchewan and are in Conservatory Canada’s syllabus. Her elementary collection, Waddle & Quack, is on Music for Young Children’s supplemental list. One of her greatest pleasures as a composer is to connect with teachers and students who are playing her compositions.

Lynette has an active piano studio in Saskatoon where she resides with her husband.  In her leisure time, she enjoys spending time with her family, drinking coffee with friends, and going for long walks along the beautiful South Saskatchewan River. 

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